3.2. Database Schemas


We recommend psql for raw querying and exploration of data or the Python library sqlalchemy for data analysis in environments like Jupyter Notebook. See Analyzing Results for more details and connection strings.

Analyzers with output type json (discussed in analyzer.json) are stored in our PostgreSQL database. There are two primary tables:

  1. result

  2. commit_corpus

3.2.1. result

The schema for the result table closely follows the format of JSON Results.

      Column      |  Type
 id               | integer
 analyzer_name    | text
 analyzer_version | text
 commit_hash      | text
 check_id         | text
 path             | text
 start_line       | integer
 start_col        | integer
 end_line         | integer
 end_col          | integer
 extra            | jsonb

3.2.2. commit_corpus

   Column    | Type
 commit_hash | text
 repo_url    | text
 corpus_name | text